Membership Benefits
Members Choice Membership
Join our Monthly Members Choice program and enjoy the 60 minute service of your choice for your $59 monthly fee.  
Members may choose either:
  • Members Choice Massage with light, medium or deep pressure or
  • Facial Microcurrent Massage the ultimate anti-aging facial!
Members also get additional benefits with membership, including discounted additional services each month.  Add on extra time to your monthly service at a discounted price.  Members also get discounted guest fees, discounts on gift certificates and discounts on retail purchases.  
Membership has its privileges! Sign up and start enjoying today!
  • One Members Choice massage or Facial each month
  • Each additional Members choice service during the month just $57   
  • Add on extra time to your Members monthly service 30 minutes for $30. 
  • Members also get member prices for  guest fees* and on gift certificates
  • 10% discount on retail products
  • Minimum 3 month membership
* Guests are limited to 1 visit every 6 months. Guest massage $59
Member Rx Perscription Membership
Members Rx Prescription Members enjoy all the same benefits as Members Choice Members, however Rx Prescription Members have a perscription for therapeutic massage from a Physician or Chiropractor.  With this perscription a medical therapeutic massage is performed using the techniques needed for maximum therapeutic benefit.  This medical treatment procedure is not subject to sales tax.  
Minimum 3 month membership. 
Discounts on additional monthly services, guest fees and gift certificates. Sales tax may apply to taxable services.